A beautiful home interior is an intensely personal amalgam of design, fixtures and fittings, furnishings and objects, successfully brought together to produce a harmonious whole that, above all else, you can feel comfortable living in.

When commencing any design work for a client our first job is to listen to them. We want to find out who they are, what their preferences are, what their aspirations are for their home, and how they would like to live in it.

This sounds simple but some clients find it difficult to express the vision they have for themselves and so part of what we do is to help people express their personality and tastes.

Through initial meetings we arrive at a detailed brief and establish a shared vision for the finished result. We spend time considering images, samples, and looking through showrooms so that we create a common dialogue for each project. The individual architecture and environment also adds to the discussion and any agreed design is inevitably reflective of that.

Working with  Decca London  on their bespoke range.

Working with Decca London on their bespoke range.

We don’t simply suggest a mix of design elements; we prefer to look for solutions and innovative ways to design that will make the best use of space and light. We are not trend followers; we prefer longevity when designing, trying to achieve a result that is timeless, inspiring, and that gives pleasure over an extended period.
To achieve a final look we work with an extensive list of suppliers, checking and refining each piece to ensure a continuity of appeal. We allow for scheme revisions, reworking them in order to refine exactly the right blend and balance of objects, textures, fabrics and colours.
Any design should be comprehensive in its appeal, fully reflecting the different influences that a client may have as well as our design input and recommendations. If we are successful in achieving this then we are confident that a client will have their dreams and expectations fully met by the finished result.