Growing up in the diverse cultures of South Africa, the Middle East, England and Ireland has led to Siobhan’s influences representing an unusual mix.

From souks and camels to muddy Irish farms and classical English houses, the design impressions she draws on are individual and distinctive. 

Artistic from an early age, Siobhan has always had a passion for drawing and collecting well designed and beautiful objects. The unusual mixture of traditions she was exposed to led to an appreciation of how different cultures can be combined to produce a distinctive whole. She continues to take great interest in the art and design of many countries, and their artefacts and antiques continually influence her designs. 

Siobhan studied Art & Design at Chelsea College of Art and then studied History of Art at Edinburgh University. She had worked for several well-known interior designers including Tessa Kennedy and Douglas Mackie, before establishing her own interior design company in 2010, after leaving London and settling in Gloucestershire. 

For each of her clients her aim is to deliver a finished design that is reflective not only of them and their taste, but also the architecture they live in. Her interiors are elegant, sophisticated, and certainly never boring.

Siobhan takes social responsibility in design very seriously, conscious of the effects of toxic production techniques and the waste produced by the interiors industry she offers a Vegan design service to those clients who share the desire to live in more environmentally friendly places.