Collaborative working

Architects, builders, speciality trades and craftsmen are just some of the trusted professionals we operate alongside to deliver your projects.

Detailed drawings

We provide the drawings required for planning approval and all accompanying documents. We also produce General Arrangement plans, Floorplans and Elevations as well as CAD drawings that interior service suppliers need for a contractor to accurately quote on a job.

Schedule of works

We create a comprehensive schedule of works and drawings for contractor tender packages. 

Project management 

Following the appointment of contractors we offer clients a project management service overseeing all interior works to ensure they are carried out according to agreed specifications.



Mood/Concept boards

Following a briefing process we provide clients with moodboards that include concept images and finishes giving clients a clear idea as to how the project will be realised.

2D or 3D scheme illustrations  

If clients want illustration of the finished scheme we offer 2/3D visuals produced by one of our visual artists.

Furniture and finish specifications 

Based on an agreed scheme and budget we source and specify colours, furniture, finishes & fittings.




We source, order and arrange delivery of all specified items, either to a storage facility to be delivered simultaneously, or directly to your home.

Installation & styling

We can manage the installation and placement of furniture and fittings and, if required, undertake styling ready for photography or a sale. 



We offer a Vegan interior design service to Clients who are concerned about animal welfare and sustainable living. 


A vegan, humane or cruelty-free product is one that does not originate from any living creature, is not an animal by-product and is not tested on animals.  

We have a range of products, materials and fabrics that do not contain, harm, torture or exploit any conscious living being nor harm our planet. Humane alternatives are thought to provide a healthier environment to live in. For example, many animal skins and hides used for furniture production are treated with toxic poisons & chemicals that penetrate our skin. Alternative vegan fabrics and products are gentler, cleaner and overall healthier to live with especially for children and toxin sensitive adults.

Vegan alternatives are environmentally friendlier than their animal based counterparts; they rely less heavily on our planet’s resources & produce less toxins and waste.


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